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Sunnah Revival Wudhu dispenser

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We love the Sunnah and know you do too! That’s why we have created this stylish, portable Wudhu dispenser for Muslims to perform wudhu with ease using the Sunnah amount of water (1 mudd - 1.25 Litres.) Earn huge rewards whilst saving water and say goodbye to awkwardly performing your wudhu in public, once and for all!


Does this sound familiar?

You’re waiting in line for the public bathroom to make wudu. You finally get your chance only to be greeted with weird looks from people. You then start feeling awkward when its time to place your foot in the sink. By the time you’ve finished, you're left wishing you just had a bit of privacy.

Sound familiar?

Well, say goodbye to feeling awkward and hello to your new best friend at work and on road trips.


Portable and Convenient

Make wudu on the go with this stylish wudu dispenser and say goodbye to awkwardly sticking your feet in the sink when it’s time to make wudu! Also perfect for anyone who is bed ridden or less abled, why should anyone miss out on the rewards of practicing the sunnah.

Save Money

Ever wondered how much water we use making wudhu 5 times a day? Our beloved Prophet (SAW) used 1 mudd every time he made wudhu, (roughly 1.25 litres.) Most Muslims today can safely say we use more than that each time, making our water bill a nightmare! Save water with this wudhu dispenser and save hundreds off your yearly water bill.